Devblog #1

Well, there is a first time for everything, and although we have already posted in the blog associated with the company, we totally missed out the game’s blog.

We have been working hard on a great trailer that enlight players on what is the the game backstory and some of the main mechanics that will be made available while playing on the different platforms.
We have also been playing around with the game on the XboxOne and the PS3/PS4, and we are currently waiting to move forward with the Nintendo Wii-U.

We are also working on trying to leverage community support by using the #screenshotsaturday initiative, and now we have also subscribed to the #indiegameinitative, a new one focused in having indiedevs helping each others to crosstalk about their game, and this way expand the reach  of what alone would have not be heard.

So if you like what you are seeing from the game, why don’t you help spreading the word about the game?

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