Launching to kickstarter



I think that if Albert Einstein would have known kickstarter, the relativity theory would have probably been focused on how to freeze and accelerate time when you are starting a kickstarter campaign for your game.

He would also have probably found an equation that would make it easier to understand the key driving parameters that would determine what made a kickstarter project successful or not.

After the great success that we had with greenlight we thought that the next logical step was to move forward to the crowdfunding site and try to get the endorsement of players through their backing.

We have been working hard over the last months to try and have everything prepared. To be ready for something, that we know would be intense and require a lot of energy. It is a unique experience that we hope will take us one step forward in our dream of making Upside-Down Dimensions a reality.

We know that the path that opens up before us is not an easy one, that there will be many challenges and obstacles to overcome. However, we know that as an independent developer that success comes off with hardwork and commitment to your ideals and ideas.

Our kickstarter features a large number of rewards that we’re comfortable with and upon being successful; it’ll be possible for us to release Upside-Down Dimensions in 2016.

For those interested, please support our kickstarter campaign.

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