For this new promotion, we thought in going back to our creativity and taking advantage of being near Easter as to merge an important traditional holiday with our message to the community of players and game developers that could be following us.

We decided to use the image of the Easter Egg, and to hide within its colors the message that we wanted to communicate.

The hardest part of the process was to come out with the colors with the composition and especially the red background as to balance with the black, white, grey and green of message building up the egg itself.

The letters themselves where create using masks based on the Dark and Middle Tones of the reference image, that hides all the parts that are not in common with the egg itself.

You don’t have to actually search a lot to see it, but the results in the social networks have been great, with a lot of engagament and a lot of impacts, which is suppose to be ┬áthe purpose of a message.

Care to share with us your thoughts about it? Any doubt or suggestion you want to share with us?


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