Telling a game with movie posters

We have always the idea to try to find different ways to promote our game, than the traditional ones, that most of the other developers were using, and we remembered about a couple of tests that we had previously done with movie posters. So we we put ourselves the following question how could we be Telling a game with movie posters?

We can use movie posters and movies to tell about the features of our game in a more easy way, as the motion picture by itself is able to convey within the people looking at his poster some of the key elements associated with the story, the heroes and the action taking place.
If you are able to match game mechanics and movie key points, than the posters and the game can associate themselves to enhance the value of the message that you want to communicate to your audience.

This idea can  be applied to just about any game, being the main complexity of the process, finding a well know movie and poster can be associated with the game. This is very important because if either of the two elements fails (weak movie or not known movie poster) the result will not be strong enough to be understood by the player and the association will not happen, causing probably the opposite effect that you wanted in the first place.

What if we could summarize some  of the features of the game with movie posters. Movies that would have some of the features that we think we have introduced in our game, and that could there us used to enlight more easily the concepts within the game by making a direct relation with the same attributes in the motion picture.

We have worked and we have been able to have until now 3 movie posters that we think can be directly associated to the game and that we are attaching below.

From a forbidden love story with worlds falling a part, to an epic and heroic journey that the hero must take to help a princess in distress, while fighting evil with a magic sword/katana again the evil forces commanded by a dark and tenebrous Shogun with a dark armour and mask. Cute girls facing awful menaces coming from below and fight terrible monsters able to give you the creeper nightmares?

We think that we have a very interesting combination of key features that will make the game loved by a large number of different players, we just need to have the support of all of them in our kickstarter



Telling a game with movie posters : Jaws



Telling a game with movie posters : Star Wars



Telling a game with movie posters : titanic


Do you know  a specific movie poster that you would like us to try to map with our game? Do you know other experiences of Telling a game with movie posters?


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