DEVBLOG #1: The wind mechanic and visuals in Upside-Down Dimensions

As we are developers that like to fulfill with their commitments, and since we are starting to approach the final stages of the Episode 1 development, we are starting a devblog of the final touches in our game Upside-Down Dimensions.

For those who don´t know yet the game, Upside-down Dimensions, UDD for the friends, is a game set in a colorful world of papercraft/origamis/paper where the leading heroes ( of paper of course) are trying to avoid the destruction of their beloved world at the hands of the terrible forces of the Dark Shogun.

Since everything is made of paper, some of the natural obstacles that we could play with were:

Fire, which was included in the game right from the beginning:


Water, which was also included in the game as an obstacle from the beginning too:


Wind, which although we thought rigft from the beginning was not included as we were not for sure how to integrate it with the main elements of the game, and mainly on how it would affect differently the two main characters.

After intensives brainstorming sessions, we though that the wind could be playing and interesting role in the gameplay, not only as an obstacle but also as help to overcome some challenges, as the wind can make you go slower, or push you in different dangerous traps, but it flowing in the right direction, it can actually give an extra push that can increase the range of a jump, or be able to pass through a closing door, or if you bring an umbrella with you, why not flying?



We started to implement it in the sandbox as to understand the problems and the coding that it will required, specially to map several different behaviors depending on if your playing with the Princess of the Samurai.  After a couple of days here are the progresses done with the Wind mechanic in the sandbox and in the game.






And you merge everything together in the game, you are able to get the the following work in progress screenshot.



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