One of the things that we wanted, right from the beginning of the development, was the ability to use powerups within the game that could be used to enhanced the actions and the combat moves of the characters. We thought that it could give plenty of very interesting possibilities in the gameplay, because of the need to first discover them, and then to actually be able to make it more powerful as you upgrade it, bringing in the cool features of solid RPG games.

How it works?

Very simple. Everything in Upside-Down Dimensions is made paper of paper, which means that Life and Energy are only paper, and that when you spend energy making a spell, creating a powerup or summoning an origami, you are draining paper away from the character life. The power powerful the powerup or the spell, the more paper will be drained, reducing the life of the character. As the character improves, so does his life bar which is larger and there so able to cope with magic elements more powerful and more demanding in terms of paper.

The tornado in its basic form ( level 1) is able to only catch and destroy one enemy. More powerful tornados will demand an extra level of experience and will drain more paper for the main hero ( The princess is not able to call martial powerups) but an increase range and capacity to attack more enemies up to a maximum of 5 enemies or up to a maximum of paper energy in case the enemy is too powerful.

Here is some work-in-progress gifs for the development of the Tornado Powerup.

There are effects to add and to implement the damage effect to the enemies, but the ground work for it is there and it has the potential to be a really cool powerup.

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