Well. more than a year ago, we failed our campaign  to get the funding needed to make our game a reality and allow us to dedicate all our efforts into trying to bring the best game our craft could allow us to do.

But, a Kickstarter failure is not the end of a dream. It depends a lot on how strong your vision is and how much you want it to come to life.

In our case, it as a very strong belief that we had in our game, and even if we were not able to make enough people to share it, we have decided to move forward despite possible obstacles on our way ( and there were a lot).

We have almost episode One ready, and we will probably launch a second smaller campaign just to help use close the last steps and to get more feedback on the game as we move it to the targeted platforms.

Let us share some of the work done over the last year and stay tuned for more updates coming soon.








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