Well it has been a while, since the last devlog that we have written. Not because of the lack of things to say, but rather due to the lack of time to actually try to write down some thoughts on how the game is moving forward and what are our plans for the weeks ahead.

Until now, our primary focus has been in stability, trying to solve most of the bugs that we were able to find or that player have been reporting to us, as to progressively increase the fun factor of the game. We think that over the last updates we were able to make things work much better, and there so we are progressively shifting our focus toward progressing toward the second and last world in the game.

In it, Evil increases its power over the universe of the game, and starts to torn a part and burn down the world, creating an extra difficulty for the characters as now they have a time pressure as they can see how every falls apart around them, and how everything seems to be more dangerous specifically while navigating and exploring the world.

The part of breaking and burning down the level was really a though challenge that we have had to face over the last weeks, and which kept us away from more updates on the Steam version, as we wanted to solve it.

We have a first version of the working mechanism that we are sharing within this post as to collect the first feedback and impressions on it.


In this first version, we were more concerned about how to destroy the world and torn it a part as the fire moved through it, and in the second approach, we start to integrate some burning effects and paper ashes/smoke particles to try to bring the feeling of seeing something being burn.



Although the overall feeling is interesting, we think that the effects is too repetitive so we are iterating again toward something bigger that can avoid that repetition of the small squares being burn.

Currently we are working on a third version of the system.


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