Update #4 on steam early access.

  UPDATE #4 Well, weeks are short when you work so hard trying to bring the best game experience our game and make all players that have trusted in us by buying our early access version like each week a little bit more the game, and indirectly our work as developers. The development in the […]

Telling a game with movie posters

We have always the idea to try to find different ways to promote our game, than the traditional ones, that most of the other developers were using, and we remembered about a couple of tests that we had previously done with movie posters. So we we put ourselves the following question how could we be¬†Telling […]

Promo Art Attack #4: Easter Egg

  For this new promotion, we thought in going back to our creativity and taking advantage of being near Easter as to merge an important traditional holiday with our message to the community of players and game developers that could be following us. We decided to use the image of the Easter Egg, and to […]

Promo Art Attack #3: SCREAM

  If you have been reading us, or follwing us on the social networks, you will see that we use classical art to play around with the concept of they could be thinking at the time ¬†where they were made, as to find the life behind the painting. We call it Promo Art Attack, and […]

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