Upside-Down Dimensions

Upside-Down Dimensions   the  highly visual game that combines action, adventure , hack’n’slash, RPG, stealth, puzzle platform to create a unique and amazing gameplay experience is making ready to be launched.

 Upside-Down Dimensions is unrolling on Steam Early Access

The game

Upside-Down Dimensions best origami based hack’n’slash game allow you to  play as two characters separated into different dimensions. Flip between these worlds to stop the nefarious Dark Shogun.

Upside-Down Dimensions features a tale about good and evil, courage and bravery, and other typical antitheses. The player must fight against the rise of an evil army that wants to destroy the paper kingdom with two heroes: A boy and a girl, each existing in a separate reality of the same world, complete with distinct seasons and time of day. The entire artscape, from characters to scenarios, is focused entirely on paper origami models.

A peaceful and colorful paper world is about to be torn apart. Hordes of evil are preparing to make their last stand, in one final battle to bring ruin to this paper kingdom. In their way are two heroes, a boy and a girl. Follow them in their epic journey to defeat evil once and for all.




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