Hydra Interactive is company founded in 2013 with the focus of creating and producing new innovative games leveraged by the state of the art of technology. Over the years and with the commitment to bring new solutions to the market, the company has divided the operations into:

  1. Software, Technology and Consulting:  Developing state of the art solutions to meet clients needs and requirements, in which the company has developed:
    1. Internet of Things applications to control devices over the internet
    2. Gamification solutions for learning purposes
    3. Serious Games and Simulations
    4. Web Apps,
    5. BlockChain applications
  2. Multiplatform games
    1. IP Owned games, Upside-down Dimensions, Froggler, Who Is Jack, Pinball Soccer are some to the developments the company has in diferent stages of production.
    2. Work For Hire,
    3. Porting