Character tilting while rotating




Character Tilting in Unity

Taking advantages of the rework done on the movement code, and since we have made it much more easier, we have been able to rebuilt the character tilting when turning around.

Even so, with the algorithm were are able to have a much more detailed view on the rotations being performed by the character, we still have to be able to see if we are turning right or left, if we are rotating clockwise or counterclockwise and if we are actually turning and not just moving diagonally.

After all of this, we are able to make the adjustments correctly to have the character tilting toward the center of the rotation. We will have probably to make it smoother by including a specific tween to the tilt, but the foundations are able to support everything we need.

What do you think? Share your comments with us and help us move forward with a great game experience.

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