Devlog: Implementing the Yamawaro

Upside-Down Dimensions




Most of things are becoming stable and we are moving toward implementing a fine tuning some elements that were pending, like the Yamawaro midboss enemy ( you can n which has a particular attack that is to run to the player and then jump from the distance for a massive area attack)

Due to the size when running all the screen is shaking and when landing on the player we will be creating a huge blast of dust to reflect the power of the blast that it can generate.

What do you think? Share your comments with us and help us move forward with a great game experience.

If you want to know more about the Yamawaro reference from the Japanese folklore


The Yamawaro


Yamawaro or yamawarawa is a monster that appears in mountains in some folk legends from in Western Japan, starting in Kyushu. Sometimes it is said that they are another mythic monster, the kappa, who have come to dwell in the mountains.

It usually lives in the depths of the mountains and is sometimes represented with appearance of a child of 10 years in age, but other versions pictures them as having a human-like appearance with a round head, long red hair that reaches their eyes, pointy ears like that of a dog, one eye above their nose

Like the kappa, they also perform sumo reason why we thought in making it heavy.



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