Improving the combo keychain combat

Upside-Down Dimensions

Combat system

One of the things that we were not happy as it was implemented, was the keychained and combo combat manager. We wanted both systems to exist with the current light and heavy attack and depending on the player was to press the keys to recognize either a fast combo or a slower keychained attack to be finished with a special move.

Combo and Keychain combat

The solution that we originally implemented was divided in two, and gave us a lot of problem to synchronize as each of the systems required different configuration and different strings of inputs as to recognize their sequence, which from time to time was resulting in wrong patterns being recognized.

In this new implementation, we have moved everything inside a unique system where all the possible sequences are listed, which allows for the system to keep track at all times of what is being done from the point of view of the two possible types of attacks and avoid confusions.

There are still some glitches to be tuned but it starts to make possible the type of combat that we originally envisioned for the game.. What do you think? Share your comments with us and help us move forward with a great combat experience.





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