Polishing the Game User Interface

Upside-Down Dimensions

During the last weeks, we had disabled the game User Interface as to be able to focus on the key mechanics that were working on. Now that most of the things starts to be where we wanted them to be, we have reactivated the UI and implement some smaller tweaks for the resolution and to be able to cope with the growing life/mana bar for the characters, which in the previous versions of the builds were giving us some headaches.


The importance of the game user interface in UDD

In Upside-Down Dimensions  doesn´t make a difference between life and energy as everything is paper, the life and its energy of the characters are directly linked one to the other. This link brings a tactical approach to the decisions that needs to be taken in account when taking the different decisions in the game, on whatever using combos, power-ups or other more advanced mechanics.

We will have to perform more testings as to make sure that when the level experience is higher, or the player will collect a large number of origamis, that everything will still hold up correctly.

What do you think? Share your comments with us and help us move forward with a great game experience.

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