Reworking the Katana Boomrang attack


One of the coolest mechanics that has is the ability to transform paper in anything and to use the katana in a lot of different weapons and tools that can increase the power of Ryuu Ronin.

In this case, a boomrang or katarang if we want to get some homage to other fictional characters. The katarang is basically very useful to get enemies on the distance. In its lowest level, it has a short range and if no enemies are detected, it will go forward and go back to its starting position.

As the player take advantage of the RPG mechanics to slowly increase in range in attacking several different enemies on the same strike.

In the current video, we are just trying to elaborate on the spin effects as to give a more dynamic effect to the weapon. There is still some missing interaction, as when hitting the enemy(by luck) there isn´t a knock back happening.

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